About Northern Guild Counselling

Accreditation & Registration

Northern Guild is accredited by the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP), the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and the European Association for Counselling (EAC).  All of our counsellors, and psychotherapists are registered with one of these bodies and adhere to their codes of ethics and professional practice.

Our Roots in Counselling & Psychotherapy

In line with some of the best traditions of developing and maintaing good practice Northern Guild has, over the years, evolved two distinct but inter-related aspects to its work. Our roots are in personal counselling and psychotherapy. Originally, a small group of us from different professional backgrounds worked together offering counselling and psychotherapy. We were passionate in the belief  that people know what is right for them, but that they may sometimes need help to find what they are looking for if life has become too challenging, demanding or difficult. Our core philosophy is one of respect for everyone.

The Decision to Provide Training for Counsellors & Psychotherapists

Since the late 1980s Northern Guild has become a leading provider of professional training for those with a vocation to work in the fields of counselling or psychotherapy. Why did we take this step?  We felt that we would benefit from an academic arm that could help inform our personal counselling and psychotherapy work and keep us mindful of developments in the field and new approaches that could be helpful.

We knew that it was important to provide cutting edge courses and so from the start our trainings came under the umbrellas of the leading national bodies (UKCP & BACP).  And from the mid 1990s  we have also worked in partnership with a number of universities  who have validated our MSc in Psychotherapy. Our current partnership is with Newman University.

Research and Best practice

Candidates who are accepted onto our Masters Programme can study at our Teesside or Newcastle sites. Over more than a 20 year period our students have studied  & researched best practice in the fields of psychotherapy and counselling with both adult clients as well as children & adolescents. Our library holds several hundred dissertations. This helps to ensure that our counsellors and psychotherapists meet the most rigorous standards of professionalism and keep up to date with new developments.  You can find out more about our training courses at  www.northernguild.org

Continuing Professional Development

We provide a range of workshops and professional development courses (CPD) for those working in professions that are allied such as social work, education & nursing, as well for therapists looking for post qualification CPD.

Specialist Services 

We provide a range of specialist services including Trauma Work, Assessments and Therapeutic work in cases of Personal Injury and for Children & Families.  You can find out more about us by visiting www.northernguild.org.

Our Approach to Counselling

We believe that human dignity is at the heart of all counselling relationships. The initial role of the therapist is to listen with compassion and to understand as another human being.  The aim is to help the client to attain the understanding and  the changes which they want.

When you contact us one of our therapists will talk with you about what you are looking for and will advise you on a way forward. We will discuss with you the best approach for your needs and suggest which therapist we think you will find most helpful. You can change therapist at anytime should you wish to do so.

Types of Counselling 

Individual, couples, group and family therapy are available. We have a specialist team who work separately with children and adolescents. Complete privacy and confidentially are assured. Our therapists are experienced in all approaches from brief work when an immediate approach is needed to in-depth work for resolving deep seated difficulties.

We have researched the optimum duration of therapy for different needs. In partnership with a local major employer we have developed a bespoke three session model, which over a two year period, has proven 90% effective in a) enhancing feelings of well-being and b) identifying methods for solving difficulties.